Dog Training In San Diego: Do Dental Chews Really Keep My Dog’s Teeth Clean?

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It appears that in the last few years people have become more aware of the dental hygiene needs of their canine companions than ever before. In the past, many individuals did not pay much attention to what was going on in their doggies mouth, but now with the rising cost of veterinarian treatments, people are being increasingly pro-active about their dogs dental health. This is good news, because maintaining proper dental care for your dog can prevent many health problems in their senior years. There have also been new innovations in canine dental chews that are meant to help with the process of cleaning dog’s teeth.

If you walk down the doggy accessory aisle at a pet store or grocery it is very likely that you will see a wide range of dental chews that are available. There are many brands and styles for pet owners to choose from, all which offer the same promise “clean and care for your dog’s teeth”. However, more people prefer dental chews that are edible, easy to use, and contain only natural ingredients. Brands such as Nylabone, Nutri Dent Edible Dental Chews, Nutri Do All Natural Dental Chews, C.E.T Oral Hygiene Chews for Dogs and St Jon Dentals Chews are all recommended to pet owners because of they are natural and consumable products. Pedigree also has recently come out with a brand of Dentastix that is become increasingly popular amongst consumers.

However, it doesn’t really matter what product you buy as long as you are aware of the difference between dental bones/ chews and regular dog chewing products. Dental and oral hygiene oriented sticks and chews like the ones we listed above, are specialized to help with cleaning and caring for your dog’s teeth. They have special ingredients that are formulated to promote clean teeth, healthy gums and reduce bad breath. Chewing on these dental bones works because your dog is essentially cleaning and scraping away food and bacteria build up as they chew. It also helps prevent plaque and cavities (which dogs get too) while stimulating the gums in order to prevent problems such as periodontal disease. In combination these actions work together to help your pet stay healthy and reduce the likelihood of any future dental problems.


Other Ways To Help Keep Your Dog’s Mouth Clean and Healthy

By allowing your dog to chew regularly is the best way to protect their overall mouth health. Even just chewing on raw bones and rawhides can be helpful as well but does not provide the same extensive range of benefits as oral care specialized products such as dental chews. Although merely chewing does not scrape or cleanse your dogs mouth, it is part of their instinctive nature and will help cure their natural chewing urges while also keep their teeth strong.

That said, when you do give your dog products that they are meant to chew it is important to supervise their teething for safety reasons.

There are some individuals who feel that they can protect their dog’s oral health by depriving them of biscuits and treats. However this is not necessarily effective because they will still experience tartar and plaque build up from everyday food consumption.

If you are worried about your pet’s caloric intake, their are alternatives such as nylon bones or rubber dental chews for dogs that will last longer and cannot be eaten. Designed superficially to be chewed for an extended period of time and are equally beneficial to your dog’s oral health care as any consumable product. The downside is that at one point or another you are going to have to pry it out of their mouth in order to get it away.

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