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PRO-TRAIN is an organization that is dedicated to the highest standard of training for maximum quality results. Our PRO-TRAIN professionals are all certified dog trainers.

We provide dogs for personal ownership that are trained properly for family companionship and offer protection.

PRO-TRAIN School for Certified Dog Trainers

At home in Southern California, PRO-TRAIN Institute is located in North San Diego County. We enjoy mostly sunny and moderate weather, never too cool, never too hot. Our facilities are located in rural, hilly community 30 miles north of downtown San Diego. Fifteen mile inland from the Pacific Ocean in Bonsall, our kennel is spread across 5 acres of peaceful, beautiful scenery. Mark Castillero, a founder of PRO-TRAIN, supervises the students work, training dogs, and caring for the dogs.

Mark Castillero

Mark Castillero world premier dog trainer.

Mark Castillero, Director of Training for PRO-TRAIN for 33 years, is a founder of the California Kennel Association.

Mark Catillero is a recognized leader by industry professionals and is a world premier dog trainer.

Mark’s experience lends him an incredible understanding with dog training and he really digs into the dog’s psychology. There is nothing that Mark can’t do with a dog!

He has a very special ability behind his methods for training. This is why, with Mark, there is no dog too skittish or too aggressive.

His training techniques are world renouned and he has been part of starting many dog training organization in San Diego County and Southern California. He has dedicated his life to these gifted animals.


Some of Mr. Castillero’s accomplishments include:

  • Founder and General Manager of the California Kennel Association.
  • Trained more than 9,000 dogs in his professional career.
  • Member of International Association of Canine Professionals.
  • Awarded Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Science in 1976 from the University of California at Davis, with a concentration in animal behavior.
  • Administrator and Instructor for Pro-Train Institute, a vocational dog training school, which has taught many of the current professional trainers.
  • Expert witness for canine cases.
  • Judge for Police Canine competition.
  • California state Licensed Guide Dog Instructor.
  • Licensed by the State of California as Qualified Manager for Pro-Train’s Protection Dog Operators License WQ000045.
  • Implemented State of California Apprenticeship Program for Dog Trainer Certification.
  • Seminar speaker on all aspects of dog training, both in the United States and abroad.
  • Author of Guidelines to Raising and Training Your Dog.
  • Training specialist in behavior modification and protection.
  • Vice President of the International Tosa Ken Association.
  • Formerly active in East Bay Schutzhund Club, Sacramento Schutzhund Club and the Peninsula Canine Corp. and was founder and president of the Companion Schutzhund Club.
  • Supervised and trained students in animal behavior studies at the University’s Primate Center at Davis.
  • Animal behavior specialist, veterinary technician, experienced kennel manager.
  • Training specialist in behavior modification and protection.
  • Gifted Animal Placement Certified Specialist.
  • Member of the Delta Society.
  • Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.
  • Animal Evaluator to certify Therapy Dogs.
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