Dog Obedience Training

Our Dog Training Programs

We customize each training program to you and your dog. We start with a 1-2 hours consultation to lay our the training specifics and begin with instructing you on the training process. This leads to lasting results and loving relationships!

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Training Camp

Our training program is a 2 to 5 week schedule where you dog will stay at our facility and be cared for by us. Their daily schedule is:

  • Play time – 3 times per day with other dogs with compatible personality types.
  • Training time – 4 times per day at our facility, and in our local community at shopping centers and other public places.
  • Owner/dog time – familiarize owner with the training techniques to use at home.

Free Dog Training Refresher

Included with every training program is our life long refresher training course for you dog.

Dog Kennel

We offer our facilities to those who would like to board their dog while you are out of town. While the dog(s) at our facility we provide a free dog training refresher.

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Puppy Training Program

The training consists of early development of confidence through socialization with other dogs and people. Special attention is given to common puppy problems such as chewing, play biting, jumping, and housebreaking. Leash training, patience, and introduction to the basic commands are integrated into our puppy training program. The program is aimed at resolving problems which are difficult and expensive to correct in the older dog. Puppies may start as early as ten weeks.

“No Nonsense Dog Training”

Dog Obedience Training Program

Our dog obedience training teaches voice and hand signals for command prompts for obedient behavior. The dog will be taught to respond even if surrounded by distractions; the owner will be taught how to achieve the same responsiveness from his dog. We have integrated dog psychology into our training program. Obedience training is also a mental exercise which is as important as physical exercise in ensuring the correct development of your dog into a stable companion.

Dogs over 4 months are eligible and no dog is too old.

Behavior Modification Program

Behavior modification can be taken in conjunction with obedience when special problems exist. Chronic behavioral problems in the adolescent and adult dog fall into this category and require professional attention. We can resolve behavior problems such as barking, chewing, digging, fighting, biting, or snapping and marking.

Protection Training

Not every dog is suited for this type of training. During the consultation we will evaluate your dog’s potential and discuss the level of protection desired. This can range from Security Alert (a deterrent training), to bite and desist on command, to Police K-9 style training.

“Whether your needs are for personal protection, and/or property protection, we will customize a program for you.”

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