Private Dog Training San Diego

Private Dog Training San Diego

Pro-Train is the only private dog training San Diego that you can trust your pet dog with. If you are in need of getting your dog trained for obedience, and even for your protection, you can always rely on us to train your dogs. All of our dog trainers are certified, and they have received the highest degree of training that will bring out the most spectacular results.

Dog Training Programs

Since every dog has its own needs and areas of focus, we offer several customizable dog training programs that will fit your dog’s capabilities. This training program can vary from a two to five-week training camp, or a specialized protection training program—if your dog fits the criteria of receiving this K-9 style training. We use the most humane techniques for training your dogs, and we will not, under any circumstances, resort into using techniques that will put your dog into harm’s way.

Dog Kennel Facilities

Beside dog obedience training and loving pets, we also offer a boarding facility for your dogs. This aims to give your dogs proper supervision and care while you are away from San Diego, and ensure that they are kept safe and cared for to the highest degree. We also guarantee you that we will feed your beloved pets, so you can go on and attend to your business outside San Diego without worries.

Free Dog Training Refresher Course

We believe that a dog’s training is a lifetime process. That is why, we extend our services even after the training is done. This refresher course will keep your dogs in top learning shape, and we offer this wonderful refresher for absolutely free!

Private Dog Training Areas Served

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