Private Dog Training Carlsbad

Private dog training Carlsbad is the best thing you need for all of your pet dog concerns, when living in Carlsbad. Sometimes, dogs can handful; and you will need more than patience to deal with them properly. With dog-related concerns like, excessive barking and play biting, are abound, you will need to have them all trained so that they can become more reliable pets. For this endeavor; the only dog trainer that you can rely on in Carlsbad is none other than Pro-Train.

Carlsbad Dog Training Service

Pro-Train is a dog training service provider that serves Carlsbad and its neighboring areas. Our Carlsbad dog owners will be pleased to hear that we have a five acre facility that we use primarily to let your dogs run free across the vast landscape, each and every dog will have sufficient space conducive to learning. Our state-certified dog trainers are all capable of applying advanced dog training techniques that can imbibe discipline to your pet dogs, regardless of their breed and their demeanor.

Customizable Dog Training Service

Pro-Train offers a flexible training classes. Our dog trainers will only conduct training programs that will only depend on your dog’s capability or your needs. Whether you want to train your pet dogs into a becoming an obedient companion, or even a K-9 unit training that will protect you from harm, our training program is flexible enough to give your dog exactly what you need. We offer a wide-array of training services for your dogs, and here are some of them:

  • Puppy Training
  • Obedience Training
  • Behavior Training
  • Protection Training
  • Guide Dog Training

Refresher Training Course

We believe that learning is a lifetime process. To make true of this belief, we offer free refresher courses for your dogs, so they can continue learning even after their training program is done. Our Carlsbad customers can also leave their dogs to our care while you go on with your business out of town, so your dogs can undergo free refresher course, in which you only have to pay for pet’s lodging expenses.

Hurry, call us now at 1-877-BAD-DOGS, and let us deal with your dog’s behavior once and for all! With Pro-Train, you can be sure that your dogs will get the best training that you can ever give to them.

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